The year is 2043.
Three years have passed since the vortexes—rifts in spacetime—unleashed the dinosaur outbreak across the world.

Ace, an exofighter with the Hammerheads squad, crash-lands on Bikitoa Island due to a vortex that popped up out of nowhere during a routine patrol mission.
There they encounter Leviathan, a new generation of AI that forces the rookie into a nigh-infinite series of wargames.A chance meeting with the enigmatic exofighter Magnum teaches the Hammerheads that Leviathan's wargames transport the team back in time—to the exact same date three years ago—for every wargame.Why are the wargames always held on this day in the past?
And why does Leviathan summon dinosaurs for them?With countless questions looming over them, the confused team catches sight of an even more astonishing individual.

Story Progression

In Exoprimal, the story unfolds as you play through the game's main mode, Dino Survival.
Gather intel known as "Lost Data" in these matches to update the Analysis Map in the database, and slowly unravel the mysteries of the island.
Revealing every secret surrounding this tale and bringing Leviathan's story to a close is one of the main objectives of the game.


Leviathan: An advanced AI.

Developed by Aibius Corp., Leviathan is a next-gen AI
that guides players throughout Exoprimal
via voice navigation and augmented reality displays.
Leviathan appears before players as a massive,
human-like figure or as a surveillance drone called a Watcher.


Meet the members of the player's exosuit squad known as the Hammerheads, along with some of the other colorful characters to be found in Exoprimal!

  • THE HAMMERHEADS (Patrol Squad #52585)

    THE HAMMERHEADS (Patrol Squad #52585)

    The unofficial name for the exosuit squad made up of Ace, Lorenzo, Alders, Majesty, and Sandy.
    The crew get dragged into a giant vortex during a routine patrol mission and crash-land on Bikitoa Island.