In Dino Survival, two squads of five race to complete objectives.
Teams must follow Leviathan's directives and complete the mission before their rivals to win.
Some situations pit players against one another in direct combat, and others require players to band together with their rivals to take down a major foe.
In Dino Survival, the missions change based on players' progression through the game. The experience will be different with each match, even in matches with familiar surroundings and objectives.
Players can unlock story sequences by playing Dino Survival and also earn rewards such as experience points to increase player and exosuit levels.


  • Dinosaur Cull
  • VTOL Defense
  • Data Key Security
  • Omega Charge
  • Energy Taker
  • Neo T. Rex

  • Dinosaur Cull

    Defeat specific dinosaurs.

  • VTOL Defense

    Defend a grounded VTOL from swarms of dinosaurs.

  • Data Key Security

    Escort an asset called a "Data Key" to the target location.
    The Data Key can be destroyed by enemy attacks, and it cannot proceed on its path until it is restored.
    Players can also attack the enemy team's exofighters and Data Key to disrupt its progress.

  • Omega Charge

    Use the Omega Hammer to destroy target objects and remove barriers to advance.
    Defeating dinosaurs will charge the Omega Hammer. Players can use a fully charged Omega Hammer to destroy the target object.

  • Energy Taker

    Battle the enemy team to acquire energy found throughout the map.
    Players can also acquire energy by taking it from hostile exofighters they defeat.

  • Neo T. Rex

    This unique mission sees both teams work together to take on a fearsome, mutated T. Rex.
    This mission features a respawn limit. Players should hold nothing back to ensure they defeat the Neo T. Rex before that limit is reached.


Dinosaurs, once the most fearsome and powerful creatures in the animal kingdom, are no longer history.

However, traveling through spacetime via the vortexes has mutated these beasts and ramped up their ferocity to all-new heights.
Humanity must rely on its ingenuity and its most powerful weapons – exosuits – to respond to this crisis.


Neosaurs are mutated dinosaurs with unusual appearances and abilities.

Dinosaurs are imbued with a highly unstable energy when they cross through the vortex barrier after passing through spacetime.
This energy is responsible for the ferocious transformation many dinosaurs undergo.
Neosaurs possess an extremely high concentration of this energy, granting them unusual appearances, abilities, and attacks.